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Naturists Dating – How Do I Get Him to Propose?

You know well enough that you are with someone you want to share your life with. You are also sure that the feeling is mutual. Frustrating as it may be, you are caught in the moment of waiting for him to propose. It has been a long time yet the moment hasn’t happened. Perhaps it is time to make the first move and make him propose. If you are so sure that what you have is a healthy relationship, why not go for it?
Talk About Getting Married
The best initial step to get him to propose is to discuss the concept of marriage. It does not have to be about the two of you. You can talk about marriage casually by mentioning a friend who has just gotten married or engaged. This approach is quite effective even though it is an indirect one. You can also talk about how you want your life to be together in the future. It is a good sign if he seems interested in the topic. Otherwise, it is your cue not to push through. You can also ask him about his views on marriage and getting engaged. However, keep in mind that men have different perspectives when it comes to getting married. Do not be surprised when he seems to be not interested at first. It is also good if he can express his fears about the matter so you can address them properly.
Do Not Argue
Talking about getting married is fun. Nevertheless, it is vital not to argue about it. Additionally, remember not to bring up the topic repeatedly. You can also ask friends or family to bring up the topic indirectly to him. If you think you cannot wait any longer, you can tell him directly.

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